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Comprehensive Overview of 2,4-D Sodium Salt 440 / Metribuzin 350 / Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 10 WG

An Integrated Weed Management Solution for Sugarcane


Weed management is a critical aspect of modern agriculture, ensuring optimal crop yield and quality. In the context of sugarcane cultivation, controlling weeds is of paramount importance due to their potential to compete for essential resources, hinder growth, and reduce overall productivity. A breakthrough solution in this domain is the integration of three powerful herbicides: 2,4-D Sodium Salt 440, Metribuzin 350, and Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 10 WG. This innovative blend offers an efficient, comprehensive, and sustainable approach to weed management in sugarcane fields.

Quick Facts

Comprehensive Weed Control: The blend of 2,4-D Sodium Salt 440, Metribuzin 350, and Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 10 WG targets a wide spectrum of weeds including grasses, broadleaf weeds, and sedges.

Crop Safety: The formulation is specifically designed to ensure the safety of sugarcane crops. It selectively targets weeds while minimizing adverse effects on the sugarcane plants.

Long Duration of Control: This integrated solution offers a prolonged duration of weed control, reducing the need for frequent applications and thus saving resources and labor.






Sedges Broad leaf weeds Grasses

The integrated herbicide solution is primarily developed for sugarcane cultivation, offering a tailored approach to weed management in this specific crop. By targeting the most common and problematic weeds that often infest sugarcane fields, this solution enhances the overall health and yield potential of the sugarcane crop.


The integrated herbicide solution effectively addresses the following weed categories:

Sedges: Sedges are perennial grass-like weeds that can rapidly proliferate in sugarcane fields, outcompeting the crop for essential nutrients and moisture. The solution’s mode of action targets sedges, mitigating their impact on sugarcane growth.

Broadleaf Weeds: Broadleaf weeds encompass a diverse range of plants that compete with sugarcane for resources. The integrated herbicide’s efficacy against broadleaf weeds ensures the unhindered growth of the sugarcane crop.

Grasses: Grasses are common invaders in sugarcane fields, and they can impede the growth of the crop by competing for light and nutrients. The solution’s active ingredients effectively control various grass species, promoting a healthier sugarcane stand.

Mode of Action

The integrated herbicide solution operates through a multifaceted mode of action, combining the strengths of three different active ingredients:

Plant Growth Regulation: One of the active ingredients functions as a plant growth regulator, disrupting the growth patterns of weeds and hindering their ability to proliferate.

Mobile Photosynthesis Inhibition: Another component acts as a mobile photosynthesis inhibitor, impeding the weed’s ability to produce energy through photosynthesis, ultimately weakening and killing the targeted plants.

ALS (Acetolactate Synthase) Inhibition: The third active ingredient functions as an ALS inhibitor, disrupting a key enzyme in the biosynthesis of essential amino acids in plants. This inhibits the growth of weeds and contributes to their control.


Ease of Application: The integrated herbicide solution is easy to apply, facilitating streamlined and efficient weed management practices in sugarcane fields.

Long Duration of Control: The extended effectiveness of the solution ensures that weed control remains effective over an extended period, minimizing the need for frequent reapplication.

Crop Safety: The formulation is designed to specifically target weeds while minimizing adverse effects on sugarcane crops, ensuring their continued growth and productivity.

In conclusion, the combination of 2,4-D Sodium Salt 440, Metribuzin 350, and Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 10 WG presents a holistic and efficient approach to weed management in sugarcane cultivation. With its wide-ranging weed control, crop safety, and extended effectiveness, this integrated herbicide solution stands as a one-shot remedy to the challenges posed by weeds in sugarcane fields. By integrating multiple modes of action and targeting diverse weed categories, this solution contributes to the enhancement of sugarcane crop health, growth, and overall yield potential.




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