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Barium Sulfate

CAS No.:


Other Names:






Place of Origin:


Grade Standard:

Industrial Grade




White Powder/Granular


Powder coating,Ink,Car paint etc

Brand Name:

The Indian Chemical or Customised

BaSO4 Content:





Powder coating,Plastic and Rubber

Water Soluble:






Barite’s main composition is BaSO4, pure barite is white and shiny. It also present gray, light red, light
yellow, because of impurities.
The Mohs hardness: 3 ~ 3.5 and the Specific Gravity: 4.2±0.3.
Barite has the properties of chemical stability, insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid, non-magnetic
and non-toxicity.

Barytes Lumps, which are also known as Barite or Barium Sulphate. Barytes is a naturally occurring mineral that is commonly used in various industries such as oil and gas, paint and coatings, plastics, and medical.

Here are some technical details about Barytes Lumps:

  • Chemical formula: BaSO4
  • Molecular weight: 233.39 g/mol
  • Appearance: White to off-white crystalline powder or lumps
  • Density: 4.0-4.5 g/cm3
  • Melting point: 1580-1600°C
  • Solubility: Barytes is insoluble in water and most organic solvents. It is soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid.
  • Purity: Barytes Lumps typically contain 90-98% barium sulphate, with traces of other minerals.

Barytes Lumps are commonly used as a weighting agent in drilling fluids used in oil and gas exploration. They are also used as a filler in various industries such as paint and coatings, plastics, and rubber. In the medical industry, Barytes is used as a contrast medium for X-rays and other medical imaging procedures.

Barytes lumps have a high density and low solubility, making them ideal for use in drilling fluids. They provide the necessary weight to keep the drill bit at the bottom of the hole and prevent it from sticking to the walls. Additionally, barytes lumps are used in the manufacturing of paint, rubber, plastics, and other industrial products.

In the paint industry, barytes lumps are used as a filler to increase the density and opacity of the paint. They also improve the durability of the paint film and prevent cracking and peeling. Barytes lumps are also used in the production of ceramics and glass as a fluxing agent, which helps to lower the melting point of the raw materials.

In conclusion, barytes lumps are a versatile mineral with a range of industrial applications. Their high density and low solubility make them ideal for use in drilling fluids, while their ability to increase the density and durability of paint makes them an important component of the paint industry


–Barite is an important non-metallic mineral raw material. It’s widely used in drilling mud weighting agent,
lithopone pigment, barium compound, filling industry, anti-ray cement, mortar and concrete etc.
–As a filling material, barite is also used in the field of papermaking industry, rubber and plastics industry
since it can improve the hardness, insulation and aging resistance of rubber and plastics products.

Natural mineral baryte stone barite lumps for chemical white powder for powder coating barite powder

1. It is used in oil and gas exploitation industry and as weighting agent for oil and gas drilling mud. The mud containing this weighting agent can cool the bit, strengthen the well wall and control the pressure of crude oil and natural gas, so as to stabilize oil and gas production and prevent blowout accidents.
2. Used in coatings and paints – it can be used as filler for paints and coatings to replace expensive raw materials such as precipitated barium sulfate, lithopone, titanium dioxide and activated silica. It is suitable for controlling the viscosity of paint and making the product bright and stable.
3. Used in plastic industry – it can be used as a filler for plastic ABS raw materials,as well as in chips and mahjong to make the products shiny and bright. At the same time, it can also improve the strength,stiffness and wear resistance of the products.
4. Used in rubber industry, products below 500 mesh can be widely used in rubber products as fillers to reduce costs, improve product hardness, acid and alkali resistance and water resistance, and have a good reinforcing effect on natural rubber and synthetic rubber.
5. Used in paper industry – barite powder with high fineness can be used as filler and coating filler for whiteboard and copper board paper to improve whiteness and surface coverage.






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