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29339990 “heterocyclic compounds “

The Harmonized System (HS) code 29339990 is “HETEROCYCLIC COMPOUNDS WITH OXYGEN HETERO-ATOM(S) ONLY” that are not included in other categories. These compounds may include cyclic ethers, such as tetrahydrofuran, or other oxygen-containing compounds with a cyclic structure.

HSN code 29339990 refers to the category of organic compounds known as heterocyclic compounds.

 Specifically, it includes the following types of heterocyclic compounds:

1.Compounds with an oxygen heteroatom (e.g. furfuryl alcohol, tetrahydrofuran)

2.Compounds with a nitrogen heteroatom (e.g. pyridine, pyrrolidine)

3.Compounds with a sulfur heteroatom (e.g. thiophene, thiazolidine)

Burgess Reagent

Product Specifications

· Shelf Life- 6 Months

· Physical Form- Powder

· Structural Formula- C8H18N2O4S

· Shape- Crystal

· Appearance-  off white to light cream colour powder

· HS Code- 29339990

· Application- Organic Synthesis

· CAS No- 29684-56-8

· Properties- Dehydrating agent

· Storage- Room Temperature

· Solubility- Freely soluble in water, Methanol

· Product Type- Organic Chemical

  CAS No.: 29684-56-8

  Other Names- Methyl N-(triethylammoniosulfonyl)carbamate

      EINECS No.:   629-648-8

      Place of Origin:    India

      Purity: 95%min

     Classification:   Specific Reagents

     Brand Name:    The Indian Chemical

     MW: 238.30

     Melting point:  76-79 °C

     Density:  1.3023 g/cm

Product Description

Burgess reagent (methyl-N-(triethylammoniumsulfonyl)carbamate-N (triethylammoniumsulfonyl)carbamate)is a mild and selective dehydrating reagent offenly used in Organic chemistry.

Burgess reagent is a mild selective dehydrating agent. It is used to convert secondary and tertiary alcohols with adjacent protons to alkenes.




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