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Acephate 50% + Imidacloprid 1.8% SP: A Comprehensive Solution for Pest Management


In the realm of modern agriculture, effective pest management is a cornerstone of successful crop cultivation. Farmers are consistently challenged by the presence of various pests that can severely impact crop yield and quality. To address this challenge, Lancergold introduces a groundbreaking solution – Acephate 50% + Imidacloprid 1.8% SP. This patented premix product revolutionizes pest control by offering a convenient and efficient approach to managing multiple pests, notably thrips. With its unique blend of active ingredients, this product provides farmers across the country with a powerful tool to safeguard their crops from a range of damaging insects.

Quick Facts

The Acephate 50% + Imidacloprid 1.8% SP premix is a result of innovative research and development. It stands as a testament to Lancergold’s commitment to advancing agricultural practices. This breakthrough product streamlines pest management by consolidating the treatment process into a single application. Farmers can now address a variety of pests with one product, simplifying their workflow and potentially reducing costs associated with multiple treatments.


Acephate 50% + Imidacloprid 1.8% SP caters to a diverse range of crops. From staple crops to cash crops, this premix solution is adaptable and effective. Some of the prominent crops that can benefit from this product include:

  • Cotton: A vital fiber crop globally, cotton faces numerous threats from pests such as aphids, bollworms, jassids, thrips, and whitefly. Acephate 50% + Imidacloprid 1.8% SP serves as a versatile solution to combat these pests comprehensively.


The effectiveness of Acephate 50% + Imidacloprid 1.8% SP lies in its ability to target a spectrum of pests, ensuring holistic pest control. The key pests addressed by this product include:

  • Aphids: These sap-sucking insects can rapidly infest crops, leading to reduced plant vigor and stunted growth.
  • Bollworms: Infamous for damaging cotton bolls, bollworms can significantly impact crop yield if left unchecked.
  • Jassids: Jassids cause damage by piercing and sucking plant sap, potentially transmitting diseases and inducing leaf curl.
  • Thrips: These tiny insects also feed on plant juices, causing leaf damage and aesthetic degradation.
  • Whitefly: Whiteflies pose a dual threat by direct feeding and as vectors for plant viruses.

Mode Of Action

Acephate 50% + Imidacloprid 1.8% SP owes its efficacy to a dual mode of action:

  • ACHE Inhibitor: Acephate acts as an acetylcholinesterase (ACHE) inhibitor, disrupting the nerve impulses of pests. This results in paralysis and eventual death of the insects.
  • NACHR Competitive Modulator: Imidacloprid functions as a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (NACHR) competitive modulator. It interferes with the nervous system of pests, leading to disruption of feeding behavior and causing paralysis.


While Acephate 50% + Imidacloprid 1.8% SP offers a potent solution for pest management, responsible usage is paramount. It is essential for farmers and applicators to carefully read and adhere to the instructions provided in the product leaflet. Following proper guidelines ensures effective pest control while minimizing potential risks to non-target organisms and the environment.


Lancergold’s Acephate 50% + Imidacloprid 1.8% SP premix brings forth a plethora of benefits for farmers:

  • Comprehensive Pest Control: This premix effectively targets a wide range of pests, reducing the need for multiple products and applications.
  • Convenience: The consolidated formulation simplifies the treatment process, saving time and effort for farmers.
  • Increased Yield: By curbing the population of damaging pests, the product contributes to improved crop yield and quality.
  • Enhanced Sustainability: Effective pest management reduces the need for excessive chemical use, promoting sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Cost Efficiency: Farmers may benefit from potential cost savings associated with reduced applications and enhanced yield.

In conclusion, Acephate 50% + Imidacloprid 1.8% SP stands as a game-changing solution in the realm of pest management. Lancergold’s innovative approach addresses the diverse challenges posed by various pests, including thrips, in a single, user-friendly product. This premix not only streamlines the treatment process but also contributes to improved crop yield, sustainability, and cost efficiency. However, responsible usage remains pivotal to ensure optimal results and minimize any unintended environmental impacts. With this breakthrough, Lancergold continues to empower farmers to effectively safeguard their crops and secure a more productive and sustainable agricultural future.




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