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Acid Blue 93(CAS 28983-56-4)

Acid Blue 93

Name:C.I.Acid Blue 93,C.I.42780

Molecular Structure: triarylmethane class


C.I.Acid Blue 93,C.I.42780,CAS 28983-56-4,799.8,C40H39N3Na2O9S3,Acid Ink Blue,Acid Ink Blue G

Molecular Formula:C40H39N3Na2O9S3

Molecular Weight: 799.8

CAS Registry Number:28983-56-4

Manufacturing Methods :  (a) will C.I. Solvent Blue 23 (C.I. 42760) trisulfonated, and translated into salt; (b)Formaldehyde and 3-(Phenylamino)benzenesulfonic acid or 4-(Phenylamino)benzenesulfonic acid (2 Moore) condensation, and in the latter another Moore’s presence will the oxidation; (C) Diphenylamine and carbon tetrachloride condensation, and its products were.

Properties and Applications: bright blue. Flash blue brown powder. It is easy to dissolve in the cold water and hot water (for blue solution), soluble in ethanol is green light blue. Meet strong sulfuric acid is red brown, it will be a violet after diluted. Is mainly used to produce pure blue and black ink. Can make color which stamp-pad stamp-pad ink. Also used for silk, cotton and leather colorants, also can be used as indicator






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