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Acid Brown 165: A Comprehensive Overview


Acid Brown 165, known by its chemical designation C.I. Acid Brown 165, is a type of synthetic dye. It is widely used in the textile industry for dyeing and printing various fabrics, including wool, silk, and cotton. In this article, we will delve into the properties and applications of Acid Brown 165, shedding light on its composition, characteristics, and its utility in the dyeing and printing processes.

Chemical Composition and CAS Registry Number

Acid Brown 165 is identified by its Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Registry Number: 61724-14-9. The CAS Registry Number is a unique identifier assigned to chemical compounds, aiding in their precise identification. This number is crucial for cataloging and referencing chemical substances in scientific databases.

Properties of Acid Brown 165

Acid Brown 165 is characterized by its brown hue, making it a popular choice for dyeing applications. The distinctive properties of this dye contribute to its effectiveness in dyeing and printing processes for various textile materials.

The color of Acid Brown 165 is a deep brown, which is ideal for imparting earthy tones to fabrics. This specific hue is sought after in the textile industry for achieving a range of shades, especially when applied to wool, silk, and cotton.

Acid Brown 165 exhibits good solubility in water, enabling easy application in dyeing processes. This solubility facilitates even dye distribution across the fabric, resulting in uniform and vibrant coloring.

Chemical Structure
While the detailed chemical structure of Acid Brown 165 is not provided here, it is a member of the acid dye family. Acid dyes typically contain acidic groups, allowing them to bind with fibers through ionic and hydrogen bonding.

Applications of Acid Brown 165

The versatility of Acid Brown 165 makes it a valuable choice for dyeing and printing different types of fabrics. Its applications extend to various natural and synthetic fibers, primarily wool, silk, and cotton.

Wool Dyeing

Acid Brown 165 is widely used in dyeing wool due to its compatibility with this natural fiber. The dyeing process with Acid Brown 165 on wool yields rich brown shades, meeting the demands of the fashion and textile industry.

Silk Dyeing
Silk, being a delicate and lustrous natural fiber, requires dyes that can provide vibrant and nuanced colors. Acid Brown 165 is well-suited for dyeing silk, producing brown shades that enhance the visual appeal of the fabric.

Cotton Dyeing
Acid Brown 165 can also be effectively utilized for dyeing cotton, a widely used and versatile natural fiber. When applied to cotton, Acid Brown 165 imparts a brown color, enhancing the fabric’s appearance and marketability.

Black Silk Printing
In addition to dyeing, Acid Brown 165 is utilized in the printing of black silk. The ability of this dye to contribute to achieving deep, intense black hues on silk makes it a valuable component in the textile printing process.

Acid Brown 165, also known as C.I. Acid Brown 165, is a versatile dye with a distinct brown color. Its solubility in water, specific chemical structure, and compatibility with various fibers make it a valuable choice for dyeing and printing applications. Whether used in wool, silk, or cotton dyeing, Acid Brown 165 plays a crucial role in the textile industry, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of fabrics and meeting the demands of modern fashion trends. Understanding its properties and applications is essential for professionals in the textile and dyeing industry to utilize it effectively in their processes.





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