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Acid Brown 282(CAS:12219-65-7)

Acid Brown 282

Name:C.I.Acid Brown 282

Molecular Structure: Single azo,1:2 Metal Complexes

Molecular Formula:

Molecular Weight:

CAS Registry Number:12219-65-7

Manufacturing Methods :

Properties and Applications: Brown. Apply to wool, silk, cotton dyeing and printing of black silk ribbon, also can used for leather shading.


Light Fastness


Persperation Fastness

Oxygen bleaching

Fastness to seawater

















Acid Brown 282, also known by its C.I. designation as C.I. Acid Brown 282, is a synthetic dye belonging to the azo class. It is primarily used in the textile industry for dyeing and printing various fibers, including wool, silk, and cotton. Additionally, it finds applications in leather shading. This article delves into the molecular structure, manufacturing methods, properties, and applications of Acid Brown 282.

Molecular Structure

Acid Brown 282 has a molecular structure characterized by a single azo linkage and forms 1:2 metal complexes. The azo linkage is a key feature of the molecular structure, contributing to its dyeing properties.

Molecular Formula and Weight

The specific molecular formula and molecular weight of Acid Brown 282 are not provided in the available information. These parameters are crucial for understanding the chemical composition and characteristics of the dye.

CAS Registry Number

Acid Brown 282 is identified by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Registry Number 12219-65-7. This unique identifier facilitates the accurate identification of the chemical compound.

Manufacturing Methods

Detailed information about the manufacturing methods for Acid Brown 282 is not provided. The manufacturing processes for dyes often involve complex chemical reactions and can vary based on the desired properties and end-use applications.

Properties and Applications


  • Color: Acid Brown 282 exhibits a brown color.
  • Light Fastness (ISO): The dye has a light fastness rating of 6-7, indicating good resistance to fading upon exposure to light.
  • Soaping Fastness: Acid Brown 282 demonstrates good resistance to color loss during soaping with a rating of 5.
  • Perspiration Fastness: It possesses moderate to good perspiration fastness, rated at 4-5.
  • Oxygen Bleaching Fastness: The dye maintains its color well with a rating of 4-5 against oxygen bleaching.
  • Fastness to Seawater: Acid Brown 282 exhibits good fastness to seawater, with a rating of 4-5.
  • Fading/Stain Resistance: It demonstrates excellent resistance to fading and staining, scoring 5-6 for fading and 5 for staining.


  • Textile Dyeing: Acid Brown 282 is widely used for dyeing textiles, including wool, silk, and cotton. Its ability to produce a brown color makes it valuable in textile applications.
  • Textile Printing: The dye is employed in the printing of fabrics like silk ribbons, contributing to the creation of intricate patterns and designs.
  • Leather Shading: Acid Brown 282 finds application in the leather industry for shading, imparting brown tones to leather products.


Standardization of dyes is crucial to ensure consistent and predictable results in various applications. The provided standard parameters, such as light fastness, soaping fastness, perspiration fastness, oxygen bleaching fastness, fastness to seawater, fading, and staining, adhere to ISO standards to establish a benchmark for Acid Brown 282’s performance.

In conclusion, Acid Brown 282 is a valuable dye in the textile and leather industries, known for its brown color and favorable fastness properties. Understanding its molecular structure, manufacturing methods, and standardization parameters is essential for optimizing its usage in dyeing, printing, and shading applications.




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