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Acid Brown 365(CAS:63641-88-3)

Acid Brown 365

Name:C.I.Acid Brown 365

Molecular Structure: Single azo,1:2Metal Complexes

Molecular Formula:

Molecular Weight:

CAS Registry Number:63641-88-3

Manufacturing Methods :

Properties and Applications: red light brown. Apply to wool, silk and cotton of black silk ribbon printing and dyeing.


Light Fastness


Persperation Fastness

Oxygen bleaching

Fastness to seawater
















Acid Brown 365, also known as C.I. Acid Brown 365, is a type of dye commonly used in the textile industry. In this article, we will delve into the chemical and physical properties of Acid Brown 365, its manufacturing methods, as well as its applications and standards in the industry.

Chemical Characteristics

Molecular Structure

Acid Brown 365 belongs to the single azo class and is characterized by its 1:2 metal complexes.

Molecular Formula and Weight

The precise molecular formula and molecular weight of Acid Brown 365 are essential in understanding its composition and behavior. Unfortunately, this specific information is not provided in the available data.

CAS Registry Number

The Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Registry Number for Acid Brown 365 is 63641-88-3, a unique identifier crucial for the identification and retrieval of chemical information.

Manufacturing Methods

The manufacturing process of Acid Brown 365 involves complex chemical reactions. Unfortunately, detailed methods for its synthesis are not provided in the available data. However, it is known to be derived through specific chemical reactions that result in its distinct properties.

Properties and Applications

Physical Properties

Acid Brown 365 presents as a red light brown dye. It exhibits varying solubility in different solvents, making it versatile in application. It is soluble in water, ethanol, and other appropriate solvents, providing flexibility in its usage.


Acid Brown 365 finds significant applications in the textile industry, particularly in dyeing and printing processes. It is specifically used for dyeing wool, silk, and cotton, especially in creating black silk ribbon designs and prints.

Standards and Fastness Properties

Acid Brown 365 is subject to various industry standards to evaluate its performance and stability under different conditions. Here are some of the standard tests and the corresponding results:

Light Fastness (ISO)

Acid Brown 365 demonstrates a high level of light fastness, scoring 6 on the ISO light fastness scale. This signifies that it retains its color and properties even when exposed to light for extended periods.

Soaping Fastness

In soaping fastness, Acid Brown 365 attains a rating of 4-5, indicating excellent resistance to color fading or staining during washing or soaping processes.

Perspiration Fastness

The dye exhibits strong perspiration fastness, scoring 4-5 on the scale. This makes it suitable for garments that may come into contact with perspiration.

Oxygen Bleaching Fastness

Acid Brown 365 displays remarkable resistance to oxygen bleaching, maintaining a high rating of 4-5, ensuring its stability even when exposed to bleaching agents.

Fastness to Seawater

In an exposure to seawater, Acid Brown 365 maintains its color and properties well, achieving a fastness rating of 4-5.

Fading and Stain Fastness

The dye exhibits excellent resistance to both fading and staining, with ratings of 4-5, emphasizing its durability and reliability.


Acid Brown 365, with its distinctive chemical composition and favorable properties, holds a vital position in the textile industry. Its ability to maintain color and resist various environmental factors makes it a popular choice for dyeing and printing applications. Understanding its chemical structure and behavior is essential for optimizing its usage and ensuring high-quality textile products.




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