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Acid Brown 83(CAS 13011-68-2)

Acid Brown 83

Name:C.I.Acid Brown 83,C.I.20250

Molecular Structure: Double azo,Metal Complexes


C.I.Acid Brown 83,C.I.20250,CAS 13011-68-2,496.39,C18H13N6NaO8S,Acid Brown C2G,Acid Brown CG,Acid Brown CGG,Brown MGG

Molecular Formula:C18H13N6NaO8S

Molecular Weight: 496.39

CAS Registry Number: 13011-68-2

Manufacturing Methods : 3-Amino-4-methoxybenzenesulfonic acid diazotization and coupling resorcinol, then heated in a copper sulfate aqueous ammonia solution, to convert it into a copper complex, and then through diazotization of the 4-Nitrobenzene-1,3-diamine coupling. In the copper complex process methoxy substituted by hydroxyl.

Properties and Applications:  yellow light brown. Soluble in water for yellow brown, not soluble in alcohol. The strong sulfuric acid in red orange for brown, for yellow brown after diluted. In water solution to join strong hydrochloric acid for yellow brown; Add thick sodium hydroxide solution for red orange brown. Apply to wool dyeing, also can be used for leather color






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