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Acid Orange 142(CAS 61901-39-1/ 55809-98-8)

Acid Orange 142

Name:C.I.Acid Orange 142

Molecular Structure:Azo,1:2 Metal Complexes


C.I.Acid Orange 142,CAS 61901-39-1/ 55809-98-8,441.35,C16H12N5NaO7S,Acid Orange MRL

Molecular Formula:C16H12N5NaO7S

Molecular Weight: 441.35

CAS Registry Number:61901-39-1/ 55809-98-8

Manufacturing Methods :

Properties and Applications: Red orange. Applicable in rapid dyeing equipment dyeing wool, 80-90 , PH 3.5 ~ 4.0, dyeing time can be reduced


Light Fastness


Persperation Fastness

Oxygen bleaching

Fastness to seawater
















Acid Orange 142, designated as C.I. Acid Orange 142, is a member of the azo class of dyes. It is characterized by its molecular structure, properties, manufacturing methods, and applications. This article aims to provide a detailed understanding of Acid Orange 142, covering its molecular structure, chemical properties, applications, and various standard tests evaluating its characteristics.

Molecular Structure

Acid Orange 142 belongs to the azo class and is specifically categorized as 1:2 Metal Complexes. The molecular formula is C16H12N5NaO7S, indicating its composition in terms of carbon (C), hydrogen (H), nitrogen (N), sodium (Na), oxygen (O), and sulfur (S). The molecular weight of Acid Orange 142 is 441.35 g/mol.

Chemical Properties

CAS Registry Number

The Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Registry Number is a unique identifier assigned to Acid Orange 142, helping in its precise identification. The CAS Registry Numbers for Acid Orange 142 are 61901-39-1 and 55809-98-8.

Manufacturing Methods

The manufacturing process of Acid Orange 142 involves specific chemical reactions and processes, which are essential for producing this dye. However, specific details regarding the manufacturing methods may vary and may not be publicly disclosed due to proprietary and commercial reasons.

Properties and Applications

Color and Appearance

Acid Orange 142 is recognized for its red-orange color, making it valuable in various applications where vibrant hues are desired.

Dyeing Characteristics

This dye is particularly suitable for rapid dyeing equipment, especially in dyeing wool. At temperatures ranging from 80-90 ℃ and a pH level of 3.5 to 4.0, Acid Orange 142 can be effectively used. Notably, it allows for a reduction in dyeing time, making it efficient and time-saving in industrial processes.

Standard Tests and Fastness Properties

Light Fastness

Acid Orange 142 exhibits excellent light fastness, scoring between 4 and 5 according to the ISO standard. This indicates the dye’s ability to resist fading when exposed to light, ensuring longevity of the color.

Soaping Fastness

The soaping fastness of Acid Orange 142 is exceptional, achieving a rating of 4-5 on the ISO scale. It indicates the dye’s resistance to fading or bleeding during washing or soaping processes.

Perspiration Fastness

The perspiration fastness of Acid Orange 142 is also rated as 4-5 on the ISO scale, highlighting its ability to retain color even in the presence of perspiration or similar conditions.

Oxygen Bleaching

The dye displays a high resistance to oxygen bleaching, maintaining a rating of 4-5 on the ISO scale. This property ensures that the dye retains its color even when exposed to bleaching agents containing oxygen.

Fastness to Seawater

Acid Orange 142 exhibits robust fastness to seawater, scoring 4-5 on the ISO scale. This implies that the dye maintains its color integrity even when exposed to the harsh conditions of seawater.

Staining Properties

In terms of staining, Acid Orange 142 scores relatively well, attaining a rating of 4 on the ISO scale. This suggests that the dye has a moderate tendency to stain other materials.

Fading Resistance

The dye demonstrates significant resistance to fading, achieving a score of 4-5 on the ISO scale. This property ensures that the dye retains its color vibrancy even after prolonged use or exposure to various conditions.


Acid Orange 142, known by its chemical designation C.I. Acid Orange 142, is a dye valued for its red-orange hue and diverse applications, particularly in rapid dyeing of wool. Its molecular structure, chemical properties, manufacturing methods, and various standard tests, such as light fastness and staining properties, define its utility and performance across different applications. Understanding these aspects is crucial for harnessing the full potential of Acid Orange 142 in the textile and dyeing industries.




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