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Aluminium Phosphide 15 % Fumigant – Insecticide 12 gm: A Comprehensive Solution for Pest Control


In the realm of pest control, the quest for a highly effective and versatile solution has led to the development of Aluminium Phosphide 15 % Fumigant – Insecticide 12 gm. This remarkable product serves as both an outdoor and indoor insecticide and rodenticide, demonstrating its efficacy across diverse pest control scenarios. Its unique formulation and mode of action make it a standout choice for combating various pests that threaten stored grains and crops.

Quick Facts

  1. Innovative Packaging: Aluminium Phosphide 15 % Fumigant arrives in a distinctive packaging designed for ease of use and application. This packaging innovation ensures that the product is readily accessible to users, streamlining the pest control process.

  2. Multipurpose Solution: With its potent formulation, this fumigant-insecticide blend proves to be the go-to remedy for confronting a multitude of pests that inflict damage upon stored grains. This wide-ranging efficacy highlights its value in diverse agricultural and storage settings.

Crops Targeted

The product’s effectiveness extends to a broad spectrum of pests that can inflict significant harm to various crops. While the exact list of targeted crops might not be available, the versatile nature of Aluminium Phosphide 15 % Fumigant implies that it can potentially safeguard a wide array of crops from pest infestations.

Targeted Pests

While the precise crops might not be explicitly mentioned, it is apparent that the focus of Aluminium Phosphide 15 % Fumigant’s efficacy lies in combating pests that threaten stored grains. The product addresses pests such as insects and rodents that have a detrimental impact on the quality and quantity of stored grains. Its robust formula aims to eliminate these pests effectively, ensuring the preservation of agricultural yields.

Storage Pests

Storage pests are a bane for agricultural and food storage facilities. These pests can infiltrate and damage stored grains, leading to economic losses and compromised food supplies. Aluminium Phosphide 15 % Fumigant acts as a barrier against such storage pests, curbing their population and preventing them from causing irreparable harm.

Mode of Action: Fumigant

The potency of Aluminium Phosphide 15 % Fumigant lies in its mode of action as a fumigant. Fumigation is a process of pest control that involves releasing a gaseous substance, in this case, aluminium phosphide, into an enclosed area to eliminate pests. The fumigant’s vapors permeate the storage space, infiltrating even hard-to-reach areas and effectively targeting pests at all stages of their life cycles. This comprehensive approach ensures that the product can eradicate pests in various developmental stages, enhancing its efficiency.


  1. User-Friendly Packaging: The product’s unique packaging design contributes to its ease of use. This thoughtful design simplifies the application process, making it accessible to both professionals and individuals with minimal expertise in pest control.

  2. Versatile Solution: Aluminium Phosphide 15 % Fumigant’s remarkable effectiveness against a wide range of pests positions it as a versatile solution. It offers an integrated approach to pest control, eliminating the need for multiple products for different pests, thus streamlining pest management strategies.

  3. Grain Preservation: One of the most significant advantages of this fumigant is its ability to protect stored grains from pest-related deterioration. By eradicating pests that undermine the quality and quantity of stored grains, it contributes to the preservation of agricultural resources and sustains food supplies.


Aluminium Phosphide 15 % Fumigant – Insecticide 12 gm emerges as a formidable force in the domain of pest control. Its innovative packaging, broad-spectrum efficacy against storage pests, and unique mode of action as a fumigant distinguish it as a valuable tool in safeguarding stored grains and crops. By offering a multifaceted solution to the challenges posed by diverse pests, this product aligns with the demands of modern agriculture and storage management. Its user-friendly approach and exceptional benefits underscore its pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of agricultural yields and protecting food supplies. In the ceaseless battle against pests, Aluminium Phosphide 15 % Fumigant stands as a reliable ally, promising effective control and a shield against the economic and agricultural losses wrought by pest infestations.




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