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Azoxystrobin 4.7% + Mancozeb 59.7% + Tebuconazole 5.6% WG: A Comprehensive Overview


Azoxystrobin 4.7% + Mancozeb 59.7% + Tebuconazole 5.6% WG is a breakthrough fungicide that represents India’s first 3-way combination providing broad-spectrum disease control while enhancing crop vigor. This innovative formulation blends three potent active ingredients, each contributing to effective disease management and promoting healthier crop growth.

Quick Facts

1. Enhanced Solubility and Rapid Action

Tridium, the formulation’s key component, ensures faster solubility and superior spread within plants, allowing for quick and efficient action against a broad spectrum of diseases.

2. Resistance Management

Azoxystrobin, Mancozeb, and Tebuconazole collectively bring a multi-site effect, making this fungicide an ideal choice for resistance management, minimizing the risk of fungi developing resistance to treatment.

3. Delayed Senescence

The formulation exhibits the added benefit of delaying senescence in plants, contributing to prolonged crop health and productivity.

Crops and Targets

Azoxystrobin 4.7% + Mancozeb 59.7% + Tebuconazole 5.6% WG offers effective protection against various diseases in a range of crops, enhancing agricultural productivity.


  • Cucumber


  • Anthracnose
  • Downy mildew
  • Powdery mildew

Movement In Plant

The fungicide exhibits both systemic and contact movement within the plant. This dual action ensures comprehensive protection against fungal diseases, targeting both existing infections and preventing future infestations.

Mode Of Action

The formulation operates through a combination of protective and curative actions.

Protective Action

Azoxystrobin, Mancozeb, and Tebuconazole act preventively by forming a protective barrier on plant surfaces, preventing fungal spore germination and subsequent infection.

Curative Action

In addition to preventing infection, the fungicide penetrates the plant tissue, inhibiting further fungal growth and halting the spread of existing infections.


Azoxystrobin 4.7% + Mancozeb 59.7% + Tebuconazole 5.6% WG provides a range of benefits, making it a preferred choice for disease management and promoting crop vigor.

1. Disease Control

The formulation effectively controls major classes of fungi, including Anthracnose, Downy mildew, and Powdery mildew, ensuring a healthier crop and higher yield potential.

2. Increased Crop Vigor

By managing fungal infections and enhancing plant health, this fungicide promotes overall crop vigor, leading to improved growth, development, and yield.

3. Effective Resistance Management

The multi-site mode of action helps in managing resistance effectively, ensuring the long-term efficacy of the fungicide and sustaining its disease control benefits.

In conclusion, Azoxystrobin 4.7% + Mancozeb 59.7% + Tebuconazole 5.6% WG stands as a revolutionary fungicide, embodying a pioneering three-way combination to tackle a wide array of fungal diseases while stimulating enhanced crop growth. Its unique features, including rapid solubility, multi-site action, and delay of senescence, make it an indispensable tool for farmers in their quest for disease-free, vigorous crops.




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