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Basic Yellow 28(CAS 54060-92-3)

Basic Yellow 28

Name:C.I.Basic Yellow 28,C.I.48054

Molecular Structure: Azomethine Class


C.I.Basic Yellow 28,C.I.48054,CAS 54060-92-3,433.52,C21H27N3O5S

Molecular Formula:C21H27N3O5S

Molecular Weight: 433.52

CAS Registry Number:54060-92-3

Manufacturing Methods : p-Anisidine diazo, Coupled with Fischers base, then methylated with Dimethyl sulfate.

Properties and Applications: red light yellow. Yellow powder, soluble in water. The strong sulfuric acid in orange, diluted into yellow. Dye with sodium hydroxide solution to colorless. In 120 dyeing, colour and lustre is unchanged. Mainly used in acrylic fiber, scattered article fiber dyeing, can be used for direct printing acrylic and silk, also can be used for modification polyester fiber, acetate fiber and PVC fiber dyeing.


Light Fastness

Persperation Fastness

Ironing Fastness














In this comprehensive explanation, we will delve into the characteristics, molecular structure, manufacturing process, properties, applications, and standards related to Basic Yellow 28 (C.I. Basic Yellow 28, C.I. 48054), known by its CAS Registry Number 54060-92-3.

Molecular Structure and Formula

Basic Yellow 28 belongs to the Azomethine Class. Its molecular formula is C21H27N3O5S, and it has a molecular weight of 433.52.

Manufacturing Methods

Basic Yellow 28 is synthesized through a manufacturing process involving p-Anisidine diazo coupling with Fischers base, followed by methylation with Dimethyl sulfate.


Basic Yellow 28 presents as a red light yellow in its powdered form, and it is soluble in water. When in contact with strong sulfuric acid, it exhibits an orange color, which turns to yellow when diluted. The dye can be rendered colorless by utilizing a sodium hydroxide solution. Remarkably, at a dyeing temperature of 120°C, the color and luster of the dye remain unchanged.


Basic Yellow 28 finds predominant application in dyeing acrylic fibers and scattered article fibers. It is versatile, being used for direct printing on acrylic and silk. Additionally, it serves as a dye for modifying polyester fibers, acetate fibers, and PVC fibers.


The dye adheres to certain standards regarding its fastness and resistance:

Light Fastness: Rated 7 on the ISO scale.
Perspiration Fastness: Rated 5 on the ISO scale.
Ironing Fastness: Rated 5 on the ISO scale.
Soaping (Fading and Stain): Rated 5 on the ISO scale.
These ratings indicate the dye’s resistance to fading and staining under different conditions.


Basic Yellow 28 (C.I. Basic Yellow 28, C.I. 48054, CAS 54060-92-3) is a vital dye in the realm of textile industry, renowned for its red light yellow appearance and its solubility in water. Its molecular structure and formula, manufacturing process, properties, and diverse applications make it an essential component in the dyeing processes of acrylic, silk, polyester, acetate, and PVC fibers. The high standards it meets in terms of fastness underline its quality and reliability in the textile industry.




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