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Bispyribac Sodium 10% SC

A Comprehensive Herbicide for Effective Weed Control in Wheat Crop


Bispyribac sodium 10% SC is a post-emergence herbicide that plays a crucial role in managing grasses and broadleaf weeds in wheat crops. Its targeted action helps in maintaining the health and yield of wheat by eliminating invasive weed species that can compete for nutrients, water, and sunlight. This herbicide is an essential tool for modern agricultural practices, contributing to increased productivity and efficient weed management.

Quick Facts

1. Effective Weed Control: Bispyribac sodium 10% SC is specifically designed to control major grasses and select broadleaf weeds, offering a comprehensive solution to weed-related issues in wheat fields.

2. Application Window: This herbicide provides flexibility in application, with an optimal window ranging from the 2-5 leaf stages of weeds. This adaptability ensures that weeds are targeted at their vulnerable stages, enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment.

3. Rainfastness: The efficacy of the herbicide is not compromised even if rainfall occurs within six hours of application. This rainfast feature allows farmers to plan their applications without undue concern for weather fluctuations.

Crops and Targets

Bispyribac sodium 10% SC is primarily employed in the management of weeds in paddy fields, including various growth stages such as nursery, transplanted, and direct-seeded paddy. The herbicide’s target weed species include:

Alternanthera philoxeroides
Cyperus difformis
Cyperus iria
Echinochloa colonum
Echinochloa crusgalli
Eclipta alba
Ischaemum rugosum
Ludwigia parviflora
Monochoria vaginalis
Sphenoclea zeylanica
Fimbristylis milliacea

Formulation and Mode of Action

Bispyribac sodium 10% SC is formulated as a suspension concentrate (SC), which allows for easy mixing and application. The active ingredient, bispyribac sodium, operates as a post-emergent systemic herbicide. This means that it is absorbed by the target weeds primarily through their foliage and then transported through the plant’s vascular system. This systemic movement ensures that the herbicide reaches various parts of the weed, including the roots, effectively disrupting its growth and development.

Application and Benefits

The herbicide is applied post-emergently, after the weeds have sprouted. This targeted approach prevents damage to the desirable wheat crop during its early growth stages. Bispyribac sodium 10% SC offers numerous benefits to farmers, including:

Wide Range of Control: The herbicide’s action encompasses a broad spectrum of weed species commonly found in paddy fields, minimizing the need for multiple herbicides for different weed types.

Effective Nursery and Main Field Control: Whether it’s the nursery or the main field, the herbicide consistently delivers effective weed control, promoting healthy crop growth in all stages.

Enhanced Productivity: By eradicating competitive weeds, the herbicide ensures that wheat plants have access to essential resources, resulting in increased yields and overall productivity.


Bispyribac sodium 10% SC stands as a crucial tool in modern agriculture, addressing the persistent challenge of weed infestations in wheat crops. Its targeted action, broad range of control, and flexible application window make it a valuable asset for farmers seeking efficient and sustainable weed management strategies. This herbicide contributes significantly to the success of wheat cultivation by allowing the crop to thrive without the detrimental effects of weed competition, ultimately leading to improved agricultural outcomes.




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