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Buprofezin 25 SC: A Comprehensive Overview


Buprofezin 25 SC is a potent insecticide formulated with Buprofezin 25, a member of the insect growth regulator (IGR) class compound. This innovative solution offers an effective approach to pest control, specifically targeting plant hoppers and whiteflies at their nymphal stages. Its mode of action involves disrupting critical processes in the insects’ life cycle, leading to a halt in growth and eventual mortality. In this article, we delve into the details of Buprofezin 25 SC, including its mode of action, classification, features, and its application across various crops and against different target pests.

Mode of Action:

The core of Buprofezin 25 SC’s effectiveness lies in its unique mode of action. It operates by inhibiting the formation of chitin, a vital component of insects’ exoskeleton. Chitin is responsible for providing structural integrity and flexibility to insects during molting, which is a crucial part of their life cycle. Buprofezin interferes with this process, leading to abnormal endocuticular deposition and impeding molting. As a result of chitin deficiency, the procuticle loses its elasticity, preventing insects from successfully completing the molting process. This disruption ultimately results in the death of the insect. This mode of action is both efficient and selective, making it an ideal solution for targeted pest management.

Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) Classification:

Buprofezin 25 SC is classified under IRAC number 16. This classification reflects its distinct mode of action and sets it apart from other insecticides. This categorization is significant not only for regulatory purposes but also for farmers and pest management experts as it aids in devising effective resistance management strategies. By utilizing Buprofezin 25 SC, users can help mitigate the development of resistance in pest populations, enhancing the sustainability and longevity of its efficacy.


One of the standout features of Buprofezin 25 SC is its contribution to resistance management. The innovative mode of action it employs offers a refreshing alternative to traditional insecticides, which can contribute to the development of resistance over time. By using Buprofezin 25 SC as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) approach, farmers can prolong its effectiveness and reduce the risk of resistance emergence. Furthermore, its selective nature minimizes adverse effects on beneficial organisms, ensuring that the ecosystem’s natural balance is maintained.

Crop and Target Pests:

Buprofezin 25 SC finds its applications in various crops, each with its specific target pests. Here are some notable examples:


This insecticide effectively targets Brown Plant Hoppers (BPH), Green Leafhoppers (GLH), and White-Backed Plant Hoppers (WBPH) that can devastate paddy fields.


Buprofezin 25 SC offers a solution against a range of pests in cotton crops, including Whiteflies, Aphids, Jassids, and Thrips, all of which can hinder cotton productivity.


When it comes to chillies, the primary target is the Yellow Mite, a pest that can severely affect yield and quality.


In mango orchards, Buprofezin 25 SC addresses Hoppers, which can cause considerable damage if left unchecked.


This insecticide proves valuable against Mealy Bugs, pests that can harm grapevine health and fruit quality.


In conclusion, Buprofezin 25 SC, encapsulating the active ingredient Buprofezin 25, stands as a powerful insecticide with a unique mode of action. Its ability to disrupt chitin formation and halt molting sets it apart from conventional pesticides. Classified under IRAC number 16, it offers a strategic tool for resistance management. This solution boasts several features, including its contribution to beneficial organism preservation. Its versatility extends to various crops, such as paddy, cotton, chillies, mangoes, and grapes, addressing a range of destructive pests. As agriculture continues to evolve, innovative solutions like Buprofezin 25 SC play a pivotal role in ensuring sustainable and effective pest management strategies. For those seeking a comprehensive and targeted approach to pest control, Buprofezin 25 SC emerges as a compelling choice.




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