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Carbendazim 1.92% + Mancozeb 10.08% GR: Enhancing Crop Health and Disease Control


Carbendazim 1.92% + Mancozeb 10.08% GR is a revolutionary granular fungicide, marking a significant advancement in the field of crop protection in India. Combining the systemic and contact action of two powerful fungicides, Carbendazim and Mancozeb, this product offers an effective solution for managing soil-borne diseases while providing essential nutrition to plants. This article delves into the details of this groundbreaking fungicide, highlighting its features, applications, mode of action, and the benefits it brings to agriculture.

Quick Facts

1. Controls Soil-Borne Diseases: Carbendazim 1.92% + Mancozeb 10.08% GR effectively controls soil-borne diseases, ensuring healthy crop growth and development.

2. Nutrient Supply: In addition to disease control, this fungicide provides essential nutrients like Manganese and Zinc to the plants, promoting their overall health and vigor.

Crops and Targets

This powerful granular fungicide is designed to target specific crops and combat their respective diseases effectively.

  • Paddy:
    •  Targets:
      • Blast
      • Sheath blight

Mode of Action

Carbendazim 1.92% + Mancozeb 10.08% GR operates through a dual mode of action, combining systemic and contact effects.

  • Systemic Action: The systemic aspect of this fungicide allows for absorption and translocation within the plant, providing a long-lasting defense against fungal pathogens. It penetrates the plant tissues and circulates within, offering internal protection.

  • Contact Action: Additionally, the contact action ensures immediate protection upon application. The fungicide acts on the surface of plant tissues, forming a protective barrier that prevents fungal spores from penetrating and causing infections.


1. Comprehensive Disease Control: Carbendazim 1.92% + Mancozeb 10.08% GR is a proven fungicide that provides robust protection against a wide range of soil-borne diseases in crops like paddy. The dual systemic and contact action ensures thorough coverage and control.

2. Nutrient Provision: Beyond its antifungal properties, this fungicide enriches the plants by supplying vital nutrients such as Manganese and Zinc. These elements are essential for plant growth, development, and overall health.

3. Cost-Effectiveness: It stands as a cost-effective solution for farmers, given its dual action that reduces the need for additional treatments. The combination of systemic and contact modes ensures efficient disease control without excessive expenses.

In conclusion, Carbendazim 1.92% + Mancozeb 10.08% GR represents a pioneering step in the realm of granular fungicides. Its unique combination of systemic and contact action, coupled with the dual benefits of disease control and nutrient provision, makes it a preferred choice for farmers looking to protect their crops from soil-borne diseases while enhancing their overall health and productivity.




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