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Cartap Hydrochloride 50% SP: A Comprehensive Overview


Cartap Hydrochloride 50% SP, commercially known as Caldan, stands as an insecticide belonging to the Nereistoxin analogue group. This potent insecticide is engineered to provide efficient control over a wide array of insect pests that afflict various crops. Its unique chemical composition and mode of action set it apart as an effective tool in integrated pest management strategies.

Mode of Action

Caldan’s effectiveness stems from its classification within the Nereistoxin analogue group, showcasing a multifaceted mode of action that encompasses contact, systemic, and stomach actions. This unique blend of actions ensures its efficacy against biting, chewing, and sucking insect pests. Moreover, its versatility makes it a prime candidate for implementation within Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, as it addresses various pest-related challenges comprehensively.






Leaf folder, Stem borer, Whorl maggot


 400 g


Cartap Hydrochloride 50% SP, or Caldan, demonstrates remarkable proficiency when applied to paddy crops. Paddy fields, often plagued by an array of destructive insects, find Caldan’s prowess particularly beneficial in the battle against these pests.

Target Pest/Disease

The spectrum of pests that Caldan effectively combats includes notorious adversaries such as the leaf folder, stem borer, and whorl maggot. These pests can cause considerable damage to paddy crops, affecting both quality and yield. Caldan’s specificity towards these pests positions it as a valuable resource for paddy farmers seeking robust pest control solutions.

Dose per Acre

For optimal results, a recommended dosage of 400 grams per acre is advised when using Caldan to protect paddy crops. This judicious application ensures that the active ingredient is distributed effectively across the cultivation area, maximizing its impact on targeted pests while minimizing potential risks to non-target organisms and the environment.

Features & Benefits

Comprehensive Pest Control: Caldan stands out for its ability to exert control over all stages of insects, ranging from eggs and larvae to adults. This comprehensive approach ensures that the entire pest life cycle is disrupted, minimizing the chances of future infestations.

Multi-Pronged Protection: The insecticide’s efficacy stems from its capacity to deliver protection through systemic, contact, and translaminar actions. This multi-pronged approach ensures that pests are targeted irrespective of their location or feeding habits.

Overcoming Resistance: Insecticide resistance is a pressing concern in modern agriculture. Caldan addresses this challenge by breaking through insect resistance mechanisms, making it a valuable component of resistance management strategies.

Compatibility with Beneficial Insects: Caldan’s selectivity for targeted pests and its safety for beneficial insects make it an essential tool in IPM programs. By sparing beneficial insects, such as pollinators and natural predators, it contributes to a more balanced and ecologically sustainable pest management approach.

Synergy with Other Agrochemicals: The compatibility of Caldan with commonly used insecticides and fungicides streamlines its incorporation into existing pest control practices. This flexibility enables farmers to tailor their pest management strategies based on specific field conditions and pest pressures.

Yield Enhancement: With its capacity to curb pest populations effectively, Caldan contributes to higher yields by minimizing pest-induced crop damage. This, in turn, leads to increased agricultural productivity and, consequently, higher income for farmers.

In conclusion, Cartap Hydrochloride 50% SP, marketed as Caldan, stands as a powerful insecticide that belongs to the Nereistoxin analogue group. Its multifaceted mode of action, compatibility with IPM practices, and ability to target specific pests make it a valuable asset in modern agricultural pest management. By offering comprehensive protection, overcoming resistance, and fostering compatibility with beneficial organisms, Caldan presents itself as a tool that not only ensures bountiful yields but also supports environmentally conscious farming practices.




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