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Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC: Innovative Insect Growth Regulator for Caterpillar Management


Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC is a cutting-edge insect growth regulator that offers effective management of caterpillar populations while maintaining a favorable Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI) of just 7 days. This chemical formulation represents a breakthrough solution in the field of agricultural pest control, particularly targeting early instar larvae of destructive caterpillar species such as Spodoptera, Plutella, and Heliothis. By disrupting the normal growth and development of these pests, Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC provides a powerful tool for safeguarding crops and enhancing agricultural productivity.

Quick Facts

Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC stands as an exceptional solution tailored to combat the menace posed by early instar larvae of key caterpillar species. Among its notable attributes are:

  1. Effective Against Destructive Caterpillars: This formulation is particularly efficient in controlling early instar larvae of Spodoptera, Plutella, and Heliothis, which are notorious for causing extensive damage to various crops.

  2. Wide Range of Crops: Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC demonstrates versatility in its application across a spectrum of crops. Notable crops include cabbage and cotton.

Crops and Targets


Among the crops where Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC finds successful application is cabbage. This formulation effectively targets the Diamondback Moth (DBM), a notorious pest that ravages cabbage fields and other cruciferous vegetables.



Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC proves its efficacy in the cotton industry by effectively managing populations of Helicoverpa and Spodoptera caterpillars, which have a history of causing substantial yield losses.

Mode of Action

The effectiveness of Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC is underpinned by its unique mode of action. It operates through both contact and stomach mechanisms, enabling the chemical to interact with caterpillars upon contact with their body surfaces and through ingestion. However, its innovation extends beyond these conventional methods.

  • Movement in Plant: An essential feature of Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC’s efficacy is its translaminar movement within the plant. This characteristic allows the formulation to penetrate leaf tissues and redistribute throughout the foliage. As a result, caterpillars feeding on treated leaves are exposed to the active ingredient, leading to their growth inhibition and eventual demise.


Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC offers a multitude of benefits that contribute to its efficacy and the overall improvement of crop health.

  • Disruption of Pest Lifecycle: By arresting the molting process of lepidopteran pests, Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC effectively halts their life cycle. This not only curbs current infestations but also prevents the emergence of new generations, providing sustained protection to crops.

  • Phytotonic Effect: Beyond its insecticidal properties, Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC imparts an excellent phytotonic effect on treated crops. This effect promotes healthier growth and development, leading to enhanced crop yields and quality.

  • Long Duration Control: Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC demonstrates a remarkable ability to exert long-lasting control over foliage-eating caterpillars and other related pests. This durability ensures continued protection even as new pest pressures arise.


It is crucial to emphasize the importance of carefully adhering to the instructions provided in the product leaflet. The efficacy and safety of Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC hinge on proper application, dosage, and adherence to guidelines. Users are strongly advised to read and follow the instructions to maximize the benefits of this innovative solution while minimizing potential risks.

In conclusion, Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC stands as a revolutionary insect growth regulator with a remarkable impact on caterpillar management in agriculture. With its dual-action mode, translaminar movement, and multiple benefits ranging from disrupting pest lifecycles to promoting crop health, this formulation offers a promising solution to the challenges posed by destructive caterpillar species. However, its successful utilization requires careful attention to instructions and guidelines, ensuring the best possible results for crop protection and agricultural sustainability.




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