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Clethodim 240 EC

Advancing Grassy Weed Control with Novel Chemistry


Clethodim 240 EC is a groundbreaking systemic herbicide that has emerged as a potent solution in India’s battle against grassy weeds. Its novel chemistry and unique mode of action offer remarkable advantages in weed management across a range of crops. This herbicide presents an innovative approach to tackling resistant weeds and grants farmers a broad window of application flexibility.

Quick Facts

Resistant Weed Control: Clethodim 240 EC is particularly effective against resistant grassy weeds, providing an essential tool in combating these stubborn foes that threaten crop yields.

Application Flexibility: One of the standout features of Clethodim 240 EC is its wide window of application flexibility. This offers farmers convenience and peace of mind, allowing them to tailor their weed control strategies to the specific needs of their crops.

Systemic Translocation: Clethodim 240 EC operates as a systemic herbicide, which means it is absorbed by treated foliage and then translocated to the growing points of leaves, shoots, and roots. This mode of action ensures comprehensive and long-lasting control.

Moisture-dependent Efficacy: The herbicide’s efficacy is most pronounced when adequate moisture is present. This characteristic underscores the importance of proper irrigation practices to maximize the benefits of Clethodim 240 EC.

Crops and Targets





Clethodim 240 EC demonstrates its prowess across various crops, with soybean being a prime example. The herbicide is highly effective against a wide range of grass species, which makes it a valuable asset in preserving the health and yield potential of crops.


Clethodim 240 EC is available in an emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulation. This formulation is designed for ease of use, efficient mixing, and even distribution during application. Its liquid nature ensures seamless integration into spraying equipment and allows for precise application over targeted areas.

Mode of Action

At the heart of Clethodim 240 EC’s effectiveness lies its mode of action as an ACCase (acetyl-CoA carboxylase) inhibitor. By disrupting the synthesis of fatty acids crucial for weed growth, this herbicide impedes the growth and development of grassy weeds. This targeted approach minimizes collateral damage to non-target plants, enhancing the herbicide’s overall environmental profile.


Efficacy Against Grasses: Clethodim 240 EC boasts a high level of efficacy against both annual and perennial grasses. This comprehensive control ensures that weeds at different stages of their life cycle are effectively managed.

Application Window: The wide window of application provided by Clethodim 240 EC aligns with the diverse schedules of farmers. This adaptability empowers them to make timely decisions based on prevailing weather conditions and crop growth stages.

Tank-mix Compatibility: Another advantage is the herbicide’s excellent compatibility with many other broadleaf herbicides. This feature enables farmers to combine Clethodim 240 EC with other weed management tools, enhancing the overall effectiveness of their strategies.

Minimal Soil Activity and Carryover: Clethodim 240 EC’s unique formulation ensures that it does not exhibit soil activity or carryover effects. This is a crucial factor in ensuring the safety of subsequent crops and maintaining the long-term health of the farming ecosystem.


Clethodim 240 EC emerges as a game-changer in India’s fight against grassy weeds. Its systemic translocation, innovative mode of action, and wide application window redefine weed management strategies. With its exceptional efficacy against resistant grasses and compatibility with various herbicides, Clethodim 240 EC offers farmers a powerful tool for sustaining healthy crop yields. Furthermore, its environmentally conscious design, characterized by minimal soil activity and carryover effects, ensures the long-term viability of farming practices. As Clethodim 240 EC continues to gain traction, it exemplifies the potential of novel chemistry to transform agriculture and enhance food security.




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