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Copper Sulphate / Mancozeb


Copper Sulphate / Mancozeb   is a unique combination fungicide containing Mancozeb and Copper sulfate in wettable granule formulations.

Copper Sulphate / Mancozeb   is a contact fungicide which controls almost all economically important fungal and bacterial diseases on wide range of crops when used protective spray.

Multisite activity of Copper Sulphate / Mancozeb   offers effective control of fungal and bacterial disease and suitable for resistance management program specially for downy mildew and late blight disease.


Quick Facts

Copper Sulphate / Mancozeb   is one safest copper based fungcides/bactericides available in India today





Anthracnose Downy mildew Powdery mildew


Mode Of Action



Movement In Plant

Non Systemic




Active Ingrediant:

• Mancozeb :30.0%

• Basic Copper sulphate :47.15%

Chemical class :EBDC and Copper

Mechanism of action :Multisite mode of actions

Mode of action :Contact fungicide and bactericide

Type of formulation :Wettable Dispersible Granule (WDG)

Application dose :1.0 to 1.5 kg/acre

Disease control spectrum : Wide range of Fungal and bacterial diseases



Broad spectrum disease control: it  is an effective protectant fungicide

and bactericide which controls wide range of the fungal and bacterial diseases caused on

wide range of the crops.

• Fit for resistance management: Due to multisite mode of action, the risk of resistance

development is very low; therefore, it can be used repeatedly for numbers of years.

• Efficacy: Superior preventative activity

• Rainfast: Effective even with heavy rainfall following soon after application

• Unique formulation : Modern WDG formulation – no dust

• Cost effective: Cost benefits for disease control over modern fungicides

• Environmentally safe: Low persistence in environment as it rapidly degrades in soil and

water, no leaching potential.




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