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Fluopyram 17.7%+ Tebuconazole17.7% w/w SC (400 SC)

Fluopyram 17.7%+ Tebuconazole17.7% w/w SC (400 SC) offers a new way to protect plants against diseases which jeopardize the quality of the harvest. Therefore it has a direct impact on the marketability of the produce and business of the growers. The benefits of Fluopyram 17.7%+ Tebuconazole17.7% w/w SC (400 SC) go beyond efficacy to help growers meet the increasing quality and safety needs of food chain and export.


Fluopyram 17.7%+ Tebuconazole17.7% w/w SC (400 SC) is a combination of Fluopyram and Tubaconazole and offers two different modes of action.

Fluopyram belongs to a new chemical class discovered by Bayer. Its mode of action is Succinate Dehydrogenase Inhibitor (SDHI) which means it breaks the respiration chain in the Mitochondria of the fungus cell by blocking its energy production.

Mode of Action of Tebuconazole is demethylation inhibitor (DMI). It interferes in the process of building structure of fungal cell wall. Finally it inhibits the reproduction and further growth of fungus.


  • Exceptional Efficacy – Proven in exhaustive field trials to provide unparalleled efficacy against target diseases, enabling the growers to protect their yields.
  • New Chemistry – Novel active ingredient works to continue controlling fungal strains that have developed resistance, thus providing consistent results.
  • Systemic Movement – Uniform uptake after application enables Luna to protect from hidden diseases which can later jeopardize the quality of the harvest.
  • Beyond Efficacy – Multiple trials demonstrate that timely disease protection by Luna can lead to extended vitality and higher marketability of the produce, thus benefiting the entire food chain.


Fluopyram 17.7% w/w + Tebuconazole 17.7% w/w SC is a systemic fungicide recommended for the control of powdery mildew and Anthracnose diseases in grape and shall be sprayed as soon as the signs of disease are noticed. Subsequent one or two sprays shall be given at 10-15 days interval depending on the disease severity.


Target Disease



Powdery Mildew, Anthracnose





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