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Flupyrimin 2% GR: A Comprehensive Overview


Flupyrimin 2% GR is an innovative insecticide known for its unique chemistry that combines quick action and long-lasting residual control. Specifically designed to combat Yellow Stem Borer (YSB) and Brown Planthopper (BPH), this insecticide stands out for its efficacy in managing pests in agricultural settings. In this detailed overview, we’ll delve into the essential aspects of Flupyrimin 2% GR, including its mode of action, target crops, benefits, and a vital disclaimer highlighting the importance of following product instructions.

Quick Facts

  • Innovative Chemistry: Flupyrimin 2% GR is a remarkable insecticide that embodies a single molecule designed to control both Yellow Stem Borer (YSB) and Brown Planthopper (BPH).

  • Optimal for Plant Architecture: Not only does Flupyrimin 2% GR tackle the specific pests effectively, but it also enhances plant architecture, ensuring healthier crops.

Crops and Targets

Flupyrimin 2% GR is primarily formulated for use in paddy fields, focusing on controlling two significant rice crop pests:

  • Brown Planthopper (BPH): A notorious insect pest known to cause substantial damage to rice crops, BPH infestations can lead to stunted growth and ultimately affect crop yield.

  • Yellow Stem Borer (YSB): Another major rice crop pest, YSB, causes extensive damage by boring into the stem of the rice plant, leading to weakened stems and increased vulnerability to lodging.

Mode of Action

Flupyrimin 2% GR operates through a systematic and translaminar mode of action. This means that it is absorbed by the plant and moves through the plant’s tissues (systemic action) and spreads across the leaf surface (translaminar action). By utilizing this dual mechanism, the insecticide ensures comprehensive coverage and effective control of the targeted pests.


DISCLAIMER: It is crucial to emphasize that users must always read and diligently follow the instructions outlined in the product leaflet. Adhering to the prescribed guidelines and safety measures is essential to ensure the product’s effectiveness, optimize outcomes, and minimize risks to the environment, non-target organisms, and human health.


  • Safety to Beneficial Insects: Flupyrimin 2% GR is engineered to be safe for beneficial insects, preserving the delicate ecological balance in agricultural ecosystems.

  • Quick Action with Long Duration of Control: One of the standout features of Flupyrimin 2% GR is its rapid action against targeted pests, coupled with a long-lasting residual effect. This ensures extended protection for crops, aiding in a sustained reduction of pest populations.

In conclusion, Flupyrimin 2% GR showcases a potent fusion of innovative chemistry, efficient pest control, and safety for non-target organisms. By effectively managing both Yellow Stem Borer and Brown Planthopper, and with its emphasis on safety and application guidelines, Flupyrimin 2% GR stands as a valuable tool in modern agriculture, contributing to healthier crops and enhanced yield. Always prioritize responsible use by adhering to recommended instructions and guidelines for the best results and to uphold environmental sustainability.




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