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Haloxyfop R Methyl 10.5% EC

An Effective Post-Emergence Herbicide for Grass Weed Control in Soybeans


Haloxyfop R Methyl 10.5% EC is a potent post-emergence herbicide designed to effectively manage both annual and perennial grass weeds in soybean fields. This herbicide plays a crucial role in modern agriculture by selectively targeting grassy weeds, allowing soybean crops to thrive without being hindered by weed competition.

Quick Facts

  • Herbicide Type: Post-emergence systemic herbicide
  • Target Weeds: Annual and perennial grass weeds
  • Target Crop: Soybean (Glycine max)
  • Active Ingredient: Haloxyfop R Methyl
  • Concentration: 10.5% Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) formulation

Crops and Weeds

Target Crop: Soybean (Glycine max)

Target Weeds:

  • Digitaria sanguinalis (Large Crabgrass)
  • Dinebra arabica (Arabian Crabgrass)
  • Echinochloa spp. (Barnyardgrass)
  • Eleusine indica (Goosegrass)
  • Eragrostis spp. (Lovegrass)
  • Panicum isochmi (Fall Panicum)
  • Brachiaria sp. (Signalgrass)


Haloxyfop R Methyl 10.5% EC comes in the form of an Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC), which is a well-established formulation type in the world of herbicides. EC formulations are designed to be easily mixed with water to form stable emulsions, ensuring uniform distribution and effective application across the targeted area.

Mode of Action

At the heart of Haloxyfop R Methyl’s effectiveness lies its unique mode of action. This herbicide operates as a post-emergence selective agent, meaning it is applied after both the weeds and soybean crops have sprouted. Its main mode of action revolves around inhibiting a crucial enzyme called ACCase (Acetyl-CoA carboxylase), which plays a pivotal role in the synthesis of lipids, specifically fatty acids, within plants.

By disrupting this essential lipid biosynthesis process, Haloxyfop R Methyl effectively halts the growth and development of grassy weeds. Since this mode of action targets a specific biological pathway that is not present in many broadleaf plants, it offers a high degree of selectivity, minimizing damage to the soybean crop while effectively controlling the targeted grass weeds.


The use of Haloxyfop R Methyl 10.5% EC offers several benefits for soybean farmers and the overall agricultural ecosystem:

  • Systemic Control: Being a systemic herbicide, Haloxyfop R Methyl is absorbed by the foliage and then translocated throughout the weed’s vascular system. This allows the herbicide to effectively reach and control even hard-to-reach parts of the plant, resulting in more comprehensive and long-lasting weed control.
  • Selective Action: The selective nature of this herbicide ensures that grassy weeds are specifically targeted without harming the soybean crop or other non-grass plant species in the field. This specificity minimizes the impact on the overall ecosystem and promotes a healthier soybean harvest.
  • Enhanced Crop Yield: By effectively managing grassy weeds, Haloxyfop R Methyl helps reduce competition for essential resources such as sunlight, water, and nutrients. This, in turn, contributes to improved soybean growth and higher crop yields.
  • Efficient Application: The Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) formulation allows for easy mixing and application, ensuring that the herbicide is evenly spread across the field. This results in consistent weed control and maximizes the value of the product.


Haloxyfop R Methyl 10.5% EC stands as a valuable tool in the hands of soybean farmers, offering an effective and selective solution to combat grassy weed infestations. With its unique mode of action, systemic control, and emphasis on preserving the soybean crop, this herbicide exemplifies the advancements made in modern agricultural practices to enhance productivity while minimizing environmental impact.




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