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Mancozeb 35% SC,75% WP, 75% WG : A Comprehensive Overview


Mancozeb 35% SC is a flowable fungicide primarily composed of Mancozeb as its active ingredient, along with other auxiliary materials to enhance its efficacy. This fungicide is designed to combat fungal infections in a variety of crops, offering broad-spectrum protection against diseases.

Quick Facts

Mancozeb 35% SC is renowned for its broad-spectrum fungicidal properties. It acts as a protective fungicide, forming a vital defense against fungal attacks on crops.

Crops and Targets

Mancozeb 35% SC is effectively employed in the protection of crucial crops such as:


  • Early Blight: Mancozeb 35% SC proves highly effective against early blight in potato crops.
  • Late Blight: It provides reliable defense against late blight, a common concern in potato cultivation.


  • Late Blight: This fungicide helps combat late blight, a significant threat to tomato plants.
  • Early Blight: It also offers protection against early blight in tomato crops.


Mancozeb 35% SC is formulated as a Suspension Concentrate (SC), which is a flowable formulation. This means that the active ingredient, Mancozeb, is finely dispersed in a liquid medium to ensure optimal application and effectiveness.

Mode of Action

Mancozeb 35% SC operates through contact and protective modes of action. The active ingredient, Mancozeb, creates a protective shield on the plant’s surface, preventing the fungi from establishing themselves and spreading within the plant.


Multisite Action

  • Mancozeb 35% SC is known for its multisite action, meaning it targets various sites in the fungal cells, disrupting critical processes and hindering their growth. This reduces the likelihood of resistance development, making it a highly effective and sustainable option for disease management.

Resistance Management

  • The multisite action of Mancozeb 35% SC significantly contributes to resistance management. By acting on multiple sites within the fungal cells, the development of resistance against this fungicide is significantly reduced. This is a crucial benefit for maintaining long-term efficacy in disease control strategies.


Mancozeb 35% SC, with its broad-spectrum protection, contact and protective modes of action, and emphasis on resistance management, stands as a crucial fungicide in modern agriculture. By safeguarding crops like potatoes and tomatoes against early and late blights, it plays a vital role in ensuring healthy crop yields and sustainable farming practices. Its formulation as a flowable fungicide adds to its ease of use and effectiveness, making it a trusted choice among farmers striving for disease-free, thriving crops.




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