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Mancozeb 75%WG

A Comprehensive Guide to a Broad Spectrum Fungicide


Mancozeb 75%WG is a highly effective and versatile broad-spectrum fungicide that plays a crucial role in protecting crops from a wide range of fungal diseases. With its unique formulation and mode of action, it has become a preferred choice among farmers and agronomists for managing diseases in crops like apples, potatoes, and tomatoes. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the quick facts, target crops, mode of action, benefits, and why Mancozeb 75%WG is a valuable tool in modern agriculture.

Quick Facts

1. Dust-free Formulation

Mancozeb 75%WG is formulated as a dust-free granule, making it easy to handle and apply. This feature reduces the risk of inhalation exposure to the product during application, promoting safety for both farmers and agricultural workers.

2. High Solubility

The high solubility of this fungicide ensures that it dissolves quickly in water, allowing for easy mixing and application. This characteristic contributes to the convenience and efficiency of using Mancozeb 75%WG in the field.

3. Excellent Coverage

One of the key advantages of this fungicide is its ability to provide excellent coverage on plant surfaces. This ensures that the active ingredient reaches and protects all parts of the plant, including leaves, stems, and fruit, making it highly effective against fungal diseases.

Crops and Targets

Mancozeb 75%WG is designed to protect a variety of crops from a range of fungal diseases. Here are some of the key crops and the specific diseases it targets:


– Scab (Venturia inaequalis)

Apple scab is a common fungal disease that affects apple trees. It causes dark, scaly lesions on the fruit and leaves, reducing the quality and marketability of the apples. Mancozeb 75%WG effectively controls scab, helping apple growers produce healthier and more appealing fruit.

– Sooty Blotch (Various Fungi)

Sooty blotch is another fungal issue that affects apple trees. It manifests as dark, velvety spots on the surface of apples, diminishing their aesthetic value. Mancozeb 75%WG provides protection against sooty blotch, ensuring that apples remain blemish-free.

– Alternaria Blight (Alternaria spp.)

Alternaria blight is caused by various species of Alternaria fungi and affects apple trees by causing leaf spots and reducing overall tree health. The fungicide effectively manages Alternaria blight, preserving the vitality of apple orchards.

– Pre-mature Leaf Fall

Mancozeb 75%WG helps prevent premature leaf fall, a condition where apple trees shed their leaves prematurely due to fungal infections. By controlling these infections, the fungicide supports the longevity and productivity of apple trees.


– Late Blight (Phytophthora infestans)

Late blight is a devastating disease that affects potato plants, causing rapid defoliation and significant yield loss. Mancozeb 75%WG is a valuable tool for potato growers, helping them combat this destructive disease and protect their crops.


– Early Blight (Alternaria solani)

Early blight is a common fungal disease in tomato plants that leads to the development of dark lesions on leaves and fruit. By targeting Alternaria solani, Mancozeb 75%WG helps tomato growers maintain healthy plants and enhance fruit quality.

Mode of Action

Mancozeb 75%WG employs a unique mode of action known as multisite action. Unlike some fungicides that target specific biochemical processes in fungi, multisite action fungicides like Mancozeb affect multiple sites within the fungal cell. This multifaceted approach makes it difficult for fungi to develop resistance, offering a critical advantage in disease management.

By targeting multiple sites, Mancozeb 75%WG disrupts various essential functions within fungal cells, including energy production and cell wall formation. This broad-spectrum activity ensures its effectiveness against a wide range of fungal pathogens.


1. Low Risk of Resistance

The multisite mode of action of Mancozeb 75%WG minimizes the risk of resistance development in fungal populations. This is a significant advantage as the emergence of resistant strains can render other fungicides ineffective over time. By using Mancozeb, growers can maintain the efficacy of this vital disease management tool.

2. High Crop Safety

Mancozeb 75%WG is known for its high level of crop safety. When used as directed, it poses minimal risk to the health of the treated crops. This means that growers can effectively control fungal diseases without compromising the overall health and yield of their crops.

3. Zn++ & Mn++ Benefits

In addition to its fungicidal properties, Mancozeb 75%WG provides plants with essential nutrients in the form of zinc (Zn++) and manganese (Mn++). These micronutrients are vital for various physiological processes in plants, contributing to improved plant health and growth.

4. Low Environmental Persistence

Mancozeb 75%WG has low persistence in the environment, which is important for sustainable agriculture. It breaks down relatively quickly, reducing the risk of it accumulating in the soil or water. This characteristic aligns with modern agricultural practices that prioritize environmental stewardship.

5. Preferred Tank Mix Product

Mancozeb 75%WG is often chosen as a tank mix partner with other fungicides. This is because its multisite mode of action complements the modes of action of many other fungicides, providing a synergistic effect that increases the range of pathogen control. Growers can customize their disease management strategies by combining Mancozeb with other products to address specific challenges.

In conclusion, Mancozeb 75%WG is a valuable asset in modern agriculture due to its broad-spectrum activity, low risk of resistance, high crop safety, micronutrient benefits, and environmentally friendly characteristics. Its ability to effectively control fungal diseases in crops like apples, potatoes, and tomatoes makes it an indispensable tool for growers looking to maximize their yields and ensure the health and quality of their produce. By understanding its features and benefits, farmers and agronomists can make informed decisions when incorporating Mancozeb 75%WG into their disease management programs.




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