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Permethrin 25% EC: A Comprehensive Overview


Permethrin 25% EC is a non-systemic insecticide known for its potent contact and stomach action against a variety of insects. It is widely used in agricultural settings to control pests that harm crops, with a particular focus on preventing cotton bollworm infestations. In this detailed overview, we will delve into the specifics of this insecticide, exploring its mode of action, target crops, and potential benefits.

Quick Facts

Permethrin 25% EC serves as a highly effective tool in the prevention of cotton bollworms. Its non-systemic nature ensures that it acts directly on pests upon contact or ingestion, making it a valuable asset in integrated pest management strategies.


Permethrin 25% EC is primarily used to protect cotton crops from the damaging effects of bollworms. Cotton is a major agricultural crop, and bollworms pose a significant threat to its yield and quality. This insecticide provides a targeted solution to combat these destructive pests effectively.


The main target of Permethrin 25% EC is the bollworm, a common and highly destructive insect that infests cotton crops. Bollworms cause extensive damage by feeding on cotton bolls, leading to yield reduction and economic losses for farmers. Permethrin 25% EC efficiently controls bollworm populations, ensuring the health and productivity of the cotton crop.

Mode of Action

Permethrin, the active ingredient in this insecticide, operates by attacking the nerve cells of insects. It disrupts the proper functioning of their nervous system, resulting in paralysis and eventual death. This mode of action ensures a rapid and efficient control of the targeted bollworms, limiting their ability to cause further damage to the cotton plants.


Before using Permethrin 25% EC, it is imperative to read and strictly follow the instructions provided in the product leaflet. Adhering to proper application guidelines and safety measures outlined in the leaflet is essential to ensure effective pest control and prevent any potential risks associated with the insecticide.


Permethrin 25% EC offers several benefits:

1. Effective Bollworm Control

Permethrin 25% EC’s targeted action on bollworms ensures effective control of this destructive pest, safeguarding the cotton crop and promoting a healthy yield.

2. Non-Systemic Nature

Being a non-systemic insecticide, Permethrin 25% EC acts directly on contact or ingestion, providing a swift and precise solution for pest management without systemic absorption within the plant.

3. Enhanced Agricultural Productivity

By controlling bollworm infestations, this insecticide contributes to higher cotton yield and quality, ultimately boosting agricultural productivity and the economic well-being of farmers.

4. Ease of Use

Permethrin 25% EC is easy to apply, making it a practical choice for farmers. Its convenience of use ensures efficient pest management within the cotton fields.

5. Economical Solution

Permethrin 25% EC offers an economical and affordable solution for bollworm prevention, making it accessible to a wide range of farmers and agricultural operations.

In conclusion, Permethrin 25% EC is a valuable tool in the arsenal of pest management for cotton crops. Its targeted action against bollworms and the associated benefits make it a preferred choice for farmers seeking effective and efficient solutions for pest control while ensuring a healthy cotton harvest. However, always prioritize safety and adherence to instructions for optimal results and to mitigate any potential risks.




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