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Best Quality Chemical Products

Join The Chemical Movement!

join us today and become part of a community that is dedicated to making the world a better place through the power of chemistry
Let’s work together to create a brighter future for all through the power of chemistry!

Welcome to The Indian Chemical, where we offer the high-quality chemicals.our product range includes a wide variety of chemicals for various industries like pharmasuticles,agro chemical,speciality chemical and indstrial applications.

At our fast-growing chemical company, we are excited about the future of the industry, and we are committed to being a driving force for positive change. Join us on this journey as we work towards a better future for the industry and for the world.

Organic Chemical

Organic chemicals have a wide range of applications in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food, textiles, plastics, and many more.


Petrochemical industry,Pharmaceuticals,Agrochemicals,food industy,personal care,paints and coatings,polymer,textile,renewable.

Inorganic Chemical

Inorganic chemicals are compounds that do not contain carbon-hydrogen (C-H) bonds, and they have a wide range of applications in various industries.


Agriculture,Pharmaceuticals,Construction,Water treatment,Electronics,Metal production.

Dyes And Intermedietries

Dyes and intermediates are chemical substances used in the production of dyes and pigments. Dyes are coloring agents that can be applied to a range of materials like fabrics, paper, and plastics to add color and visual appeal. Intermediates are chemical compounds that are used as building blocks or precursors in the production of dyes and pigments.

Paper, pharmaceuticle, textile, agrochemical,personal and beauty care, paints and coatings, food industy, plastics, printing inks.

Plastics and Granules

Plastics are a group of synthetic materials that are made from organic polymers, which are long chains of molecules. They are widely used in everyday products such as packaging, toys, and electronics due to their versatility, durability, and low cost.

Packaging, Construction, Automotive, Electronics, Medical, Toys and Agriculture.

Castor Oil

Castor oil has a unique chemical composition, with a high concentration of ricinoleic acid, which is believed to be responsible for its therapeutic properties. The oil is used in various industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.

Cosmestics, Medicinal ,Hair care ,Industrial.

Agro Chemical

Agrochemicals are chemical substances used in agriculture to protect crops from pests, diseases, and weeds, and to enhance crop growth and productivity.




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