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Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 70% WDG: A Comprehensive Overview


Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 70% WDG,  stands as a significant advancement in the field of herbicides specifically tailored for paddy cultivation. With its unique formulation, it is a potent solution for controlling a diverse range of broadleaf weeds, sedges, and grassy weeds that often plague paddy fields. This herbicide operates during both the pre and early postemergence stages, ensuring a prolonged duration of weed control by disrupting shoot growth and effectively eliminating unwanted vegetation.

Mode of Action: Inhibiting Weed Growth at the Core

At the heart of Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 70% WDG effectiveness lies its mechanism of action. This herbicide acts by inhibiting the catalytic activity of Acetolactate Synthase (ALS), an enzyme pivotal in the biosynthesis of crucial amino acids like Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine. By disrupting this key enzymatic process, Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 70% WDG impedes the growth and development of weeds, ultimately causing their demise. Furthermore, this herbicide also exerts its control by arresting the division of weed roots, leading to their elimination from the ecosystem.

Crops: Tailored for Paddy Fields

Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 70% WDG is purposefully formulated to cater to paddy cultivation. Paddy fields are often faced with the relentless encroachment of unwanted vegetation that competes with the rice crop for essential nutrients and resources. Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 70% WDG  selectivity makes it an invaluable tool in the hands of farmers, targeting specific weed species while allowing the rice crop to thrive unimpeded.

Target Pest/Disease: Conquering Pesky Intruders

Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 70% WDG has been developed to combat a range of troublesome weed species that commonly afflict paddy fields:

  1. Echinicloa spp: A genus of grassy weeds that can rapidly colonize paddy fields and outcompete rice plants for sunlight, water, and nutrients.
  2. Cyperus rotundus: A noxious sedge that spreads through rhizomes and can quickly establish dense populations, affecting rice growth and yield.
  3. Ludwigia parviflora: A broadleaf weed that can significantly reduce rice yields by competing for resources and impeding growth.

Dose Per Acre: Precision in Application

For optimal results, a recommended dose of 12 grams per acre is advised. This precise dosage strikes a balance between effective weed control and minimizing any potential impact on the environment and non-target organisms.

Features & Benefits: Unveiling Chempa’s Potential

Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 70% WDG offers an array of features and benefits that set it apart as a groundbreaking herbicide:

  1. Extended Weed Control: Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 70% WDG unique formulation ensures a longer duration of control over a spectrum of weeds. This extended control period translates into reduced competition for resources and a healthier paddy crop.

  2. Selective and Systemic: The herbicide’s selectivity is a boon for farmers. By targeting specific weed species without harming the rice crop, Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 70% WDG  the economic viability of paddy cultivation.

  3. Wide Application Window: Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 70% WDG can be effectively applied during both the pre and early postemergence stages of the rice crop. This flexibility provides farmers with a wider timeframe for application, enhancing convenience and adaptability.

  4. Environmental Safety: In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 70% WDG shines as a solution that doesn’t compromise on ecological well-being. Its formulation and application have been designed to minimize adverse effects on the environment, ensuring sustainable agriculture practices.

In conclusion, Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 70% WDG  emerges as a groundbreaking herbicide tailored for paddy fields. Its precise mode of action, selective nature, and extended weed control period make it an indispensable tool for farmers seeking to enhance paddy crop yields while maintaining environmental sustainability. By conquering a range of persistent weeds, Pyrazosulfuron-Ethyl 70% WDG contributes to the vitality and productivity of paddy cultivation, safeguarding this essential food source for communities around the world.




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