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Pyroxasulfone 85% WG: Enhancing Wheat Crop Yield through Selective Pre-emergence Herbicide

Herbicide Introduction

Pyroxasulfone 85% WG is a groundbreaking pre-emergence herbicide designed to effectively manage Phalaris minor, a notorious weed that poses a significant threat to wheat crops. The active ingredient is Pyroxasulfone, constituting 85% (w/w) of the product. This herbicide stands out due to its selective action, exceptional residual activity, and ability to provide season-long control of weeds.

Mode of Action: Curbing Weed Growth

The mode of action of Pyroxasulfone is pivotal in understanding its effectiveness. Upon application, Pyroxasulfone intervenes in the biosynthesis of very long chain fatty acids (VLCFAs), crucial components in plant cell membranes. By hampering VLCFA biosynthesis, the herbicide prompts an accumulation of fatty acid precursors. Specifically, Pyroxasulfone disrupts numerous elongation steps governed by VLCFA elongases, which leads to the inhibition of weed growth. This targeted mechanism ensures that the herbicide affects the weed’s development while sparing the crop.

Key Features of Pyroxasulfone 85% WG:

  • Long Residual Phalaris Control: One of the defining features of Pyroxasulfone 85% WG is its extended residual action. This means that even after its application, the herbicide remains active in the soil for an extended period, preventing the emergence and growth of Phalaris minor. This prolonged control minimizes the competition between weeds and crops, allowing wheat plants to thrive.

  • Enhanced Productivity: By eliminating the need for frequent manual weed removal, Pyroxasulfone 85% WG contributes to enhanced productivity. The labor, time, and water resources that would otherwise be spent on weed management can now be redirected towards other critical farming tasks. This efficiency translates to higher overall yield potential for the wheat crop.

  • Reduced Post-emergent Herbicide Application: The effectiveness of Pyroxasulfone in the pre-emergence stage significantly reduces the need for post-emergent herbicide application. This not only simplifies the overall weed management process but also minimizes the reliance on multiple herbicide treatments. As a result, the risk of overuse and associated negative environmental impacts is diminished.

  • Excellent Crop Safety: Pyroxasulfone 85% WG exhibits impressive crop selectivity and safety. While effectively targeting Phalaris minor, it minimizes the risk of harm to the wheat crop. This characteristic is critical for maintaining the health and quality of the cultivated plants.

Crops and Target Weeds: Application Guidelines

  Pyroxasulfone 85% WG is ideally suited for wheat crops and serves as a potent solution for tackling the menace of Phalaris minor. The recommended application rate is 60 grams per acre during the 0-3 days after sowing to maximize its efficacy. This timing ensures that the herbicide acts in the pre-emergence phase, providing the best chances of suppressing the growth of the target weed.

Crop: Wheat

Target Weed: Phalaris minor

Conclusion: Elevating Wheat Crop Management

Pyroxasulfone 85% WG represents a pivotal advancement in herbicide technology. With its Pyroxasulfone active ingredient, the product brings forth an innovative mode of action that hinders VLCFA synthesis, effectively curtailing the growth of Phalaris minor. The herbicide’s long residual activity ensures enduring weed control, while its crop selectivity maintains the health of wheat plants. The benefits of reduced labor, enhanced productivity, minimized post-emergent herbicide application, and overall crop safety underscore the significance in modern wheat farming.

By adhering to the recommended application guidelines and timing, farmers can harness the power of  Pyroxasulfone 85% WG to mitigate the impact of Phalaris minor on wheat yields. This selective pre-emergence herbicide not only ensures the sustenance of healthy wheat crops but also contributes to a more efficient and sustainable approach to weed management in agricultural practices. As a result,  Pyroxasulfone 85% WG stands as a valuable tool in the hands of farmers striving for increased productivity and profitability in the face of weed-related challenges




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