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Quinolphos 20% + Cypermethrin 3% EC: A Comprehensive Overview


Quinolphos 20% + Cypermethrin 3% EC is a trusted brand known for its effectiveness in managing borers and bollworms, two notorious pests that significantly impact crop yields. The unique characteristic of this brand lies in its combination of two distinct modes of action, providing enhanced efficacy in combating these destructive pests. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the specifics of this insecticide, highlighting its features, target crops, formulation, and the significant benefits it offers to farmers.

Quick Facts

  • Combined Modes of Action: Quinolphos 20% + Cypermethrin 3% EC is a distinctive insecticide that synergizes two modes of action to deliver superior effectiveness against borers and bollworms.
  • Targeted Pests: This brand is formulated to combat a range of pests including fruit borers, jassids, shoot borers, American bollworms, and spotted bollworms across various crops.
  • Proven Efficacy: It has gained a reputation as a reliable solution due to its proven efficacy and widespread use by farmers facing challenges from borers and bollworms.

Crops and Targets


  • Targeted Pests:
    • Fruit borer
    • Jassids
    • Shoot borer


  • Targeted Pests:
    • American bollworm
    • Jassids
    • Spotted bollworm


Quinolphos 20% + Cypermethrin 3% EC is a carefully formulated insecticide designed to address the specific challenges posed by borers and bollworms in the mentioned crops. The formulation is meticulously crafted to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety for both the crops and the environment.


  • Dual Action Against Pests: By combining two different modes of action, Quinolphos 20% + Cypermethrin 3% EC offers a dual assault on borers and bollworms, increasing its efficacy in managing these pests effectively.
  • Enhanced Control: The insecticide provides effective control over a range of pests that are particularly damaging to crops like brinjal and cotton, thus safeguarding yields and improving crop quality.
  • Trusted Brand: Known as a trusted brand, farmers rely on this insecticide to mitigate the destructive impact of borers and bollworms, making it an essential tool in modern agricultural practices.


Quinolphos 20% + Cypermethrin 3% EC stands out as a trusted insecticide in the battle against borers and bollworms. Its dual mode of action and targeted efficacy make it an invaluable tool for farmers dealing with these specific pests in crops like brinjal and cotton. By offering enhanced control and proven results, this insecticide continues to contribute to sustainable and efficient pest management in modern agriculture. Always adhere to the product leaflet for appropriate usage and maximize the benefits offered by this powerful insecticide.




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