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Reactive Yellow 86(CAS 61951-86-8)


C.I.Reactive Yellow 86


CAS 61951-86-8,


Other names: Reactive Yellow X-7G,Reactive Brilliant Yellow SP-8G,Reactive Brilliant Yellow X-7G ,Reactive Yellow MX8G

Properties and Applications:


 brilliant green yellow. Yellow powder, in the water solubility of 30 g/L (50). In concentrated sulfuric acid for yellow, dilution to pale yellow, In concentrated nitric acid for yellow, dilution to pale yellow. Dye solution for light yellow, add 1 mol sodium hydroxide to yellow, continue to join insurance powder and heating, become pale yellow; Add sodium perborate into colorless. Mainly used for cotton, viscose fiber yarn and fabric of the jig dyeing or disseminated. Suitable for fast and resistance to chlorine filled fabric. Can also be used for cotton or rayon fiber direct printing, resist and discharge printing.




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