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Tebuconazole 6.7% + Captan 26.9% SC

Tebuconazole 6.7% + Captan 26.9% SC is a potent fungicide that combines the active ingredients tebuconazole and captan to provide an effective solution for managing fungal diseases in a variety of crops, including apple and chili. This innovative fungicide offers a dual mode of action, targeting multiple stages of fungal growth and providing comprehensive disease control.

Quick Facts

Contact and Systemic Fungicide: Tebuconazole 6.7% + Captan 26.9% SC is a versatile fungicide with both contact and systemic properties. This means it not only forms a protective barrier on the plant surface but also gets absorbed into the plant tissues, offering thorough protection.

Translaminar Action: The fungicide exhibits translaminar action, allowing it to move through the leaf’s surface, providing protection on both sides of the leaf.


Tebuconazole 6.7% + Captan 26.9% SC is highly effective in the management of fungal diseases in various crops. Two notable crops where it demonstrates exceptional performance are:


  • Targets: This fungicide is particularly effective against two common fungal diseases in apple cultivation:
    • Powdery Mildew: A widespread fungal infection that affects apple trees, leading to reduced fruit quality and yield.
    • Alternaria Blight: Another significant threat to apple crops, causing leaf spots and fruit rot.


  • Targets: In chili cultivation, Tebuconazole 6.7% + Captan 26.9% SC provides robust protection against:
    • Anthracnose: A fungal disease that causes dark lesions on leaves and fruit, leading to crop losses.
    • Powdery Mildew: A common problem in chili farming, resulting in reduced plant vigor and fruit quality.

Mode of Action

Tebuconazole 6.7% + Captan 26.9% SC exerts its control on fungal diseases through a multi-site action mechanism. This mode of action involves impacting various critical stages of the fungal life cycle, making it a highly effective fungicide.


The combination of tebuconazole and captan in this fungicide offers several key benefits to growers:

  1. Comprehensive Disease Control: Tebuconazole and captan act on different aspects of fungal growth, ensuring that the fungus is targeted at multiple stages of its life cycle. This comprehensive control reduces the likelihood of resistance development.

  2. Contact and Systemic Protection: The dual nature of Tebuconazole 6.7% + Captan 26.9% SC provides immediate protection on the plant’s surface while also penetrating into the plant tissues. This dual action ensures that the entire plant is safeguarded from fungal infections.

  3. Translaminar Action: The translaminar action of this fungicide allows it to move within the leaf structure, providing protection on both sides of the leaf. This feature is particularly valuable in managing diseases that affect the underside of leaves.

  4. Versatility: Tebuconazole 6.7% + Captan 26.9% SC can be used on multiple crops, making it a versatile solution for farmers who cultivate a variety of plants susceptible to fungal diseases.

  5. Reduced Crop Losses: By targeting powdery mildew, anthracnose, alternaria blight, and other common fungal diseases, this fungicide helps minimize crop losses, ensuring higher yields and better crop quality.

  6. Resistance Management: Its multi-site action reduces the risk of fungi developing resistance to the fungicide, making it a sustainable choice for disease management in the long term.

In conclusion, Tebuconazole 6.7% + Captan 26.9% SC is a powerful fungicide with a dual mode of action that effectively controls fungal diseases in crops like apple and chili. Its multi-site action, contact, and systemic properties, along with translaminar action, provide comprehensive disease protection, making it an excellent choice for growers seeking to maximize their crop yields and quality while managing fungal infections effectively. This versatile solution not only safeguards current harvests but also contributes to sustainable disease management practices for future seasons.




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