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Triflumizole 42.14% SC

A Comprehensive Overview


Triflumizole 42.14% SC is a foliar fungicide that boasts rainfastness and anti-sporulant properties, making it a valuable tool in agricultural disease management. This chemical formulation is designed to effectively control fungal diseases and prevent their spread, particularly powdery mildew, while offering an extended period of disease control.

Quick Facts

Triflumizole 42.14% SC, marketed under the trade name Terraguard, is renowned for its dual-action benefits. Notably, it provides an impressive duration of disease control and mitigates disease transmission due to its remarkable anti-sporulant properties. This fungicide is capable of delivering robust protection against fungal infections, contributing to healthier crop yields and overall improved agricultural outcomes.


Triflumizole 42.14% SC is tailored for various crops, but one of its prime targets is roses. Roses, known for their susceptibility to powdery mildew, can benefit significantly from the application of this fungicide. By effectively controlling powdery mildew, Triflumizole safeguards the health and aesthetics of rose plants, ensuring they thrive and flourish.


Powdery mildew is a primary target of Triflumizole 42.14% SC. This common fungal disease, caused by a variety of pathogenic fungi, forms a white, powdery layer on plant surfaces, inhibiting photosynthesis and weakening the plant’s overall health. Triflumizole’s targeted action against powdery mildew helps maintain the structural integrity and vitality of plants.

Movement in Plant

Triflumizole 42.14% SC demonstrates two key modes of movement within plants: contact and translaminar. Contact movement refers to its ability to stay on the plant surface after application, forming a protective barrier against fungal spores. Translaminar movement involves the fungicide’s capacity to penetrate the plant’s leaves, distributing the active ingredient within the foliage. This dual movement mechanism maximizes its efficacy in preventing and treating fungal infections.

Mode of Action

The fungicidal action of Triflumizole 42.14% SC is twofold: protective and curative. In the protective mode, the fungicide forms a shield on the plant’s surface, acting as a barrier that prevents fungal spores from germinating and establishing an infection. In the curative mode, the fungicide penetrates the plant tissue, inhibiting the growth and development of existing fungal infections. This combined action provides comprehensive protection against both preventative and existing fungal challenges.


Triflumizole 42.14% SC is applied foliarly, meaning it is sprayed directly onto the plant’s foliage. This application method ensures uniform coverage and effective distribution of the fungicide, enhancing its ability to guard against fungal pathogens. Foliar application is a common practice in agriculture and allows for targeted treatment of affected areas, minimizing waste and maximizing efficacy.


Triflumizole 42.14% SC offers several notable benefits that make it an ideal choice for integrated pest management (IPM) and integrated resistance management (IRM) strategies. By incorporating this fungicide into these practices, farmers can effectively manage disease pressure while reducing the likelihood of developing resistant fungal strains. Additionally, the use of Triflumizole enhances the overall appearance and vitality of crops. Plants treated with this fungicide often exhibit improved shine and vigor, which can translate into higher market value and consumer satisfaction.


In the realm of agricultural disease management, Triflumizole 42.14% SC stands out as a potent and versatile tool. Its rainfastness, anti-sporulant properties, and dual protective and curative modes of action make it a valuable asset for farmers seeking to safeguard their crops against fungal diseases, particularly powdery mildew. By targeting a range of crops and offering benefits that extend beyond disease control, Triflumizole contributes to the advancement of sustainable and productive agriculture.




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